Fatal accident raises concerns about Midtown construction site

Officials investigating after construction worker killed by falling slab of concrete

The death of a construction worker at a hotel construction site in Midtown Manhattan has raised concerns about safety in the construction industry in New York, according to the New York Times. The worker was killed by a slab of concrete that fell from a building next to the construction site. While investigators are looking into the cause of the fatal accident, the company behind the hotel has been accused of compromising the safety of workers in the past and officials have previously investigated safety complaints at its other construction sites.

Concrete slab accident

The worker was killed in September during excavation work at what is planned to be a 22-story hotel, according to NBC New York. The concrete slab, reportedly weighing thousands of pounds, fell from the corner of a neighboring building, killing the 27-year-old worker. Another worker managed to get out of the way just in time, but unfortunately the deceased worker became trapped.

The cause of the accident is under investigation, but officials say the excavation work likely weakened the foundation of the neighboring building. As a precaution, the building from which the concrete slab fell was evacuated.

Safety concerns

This particular construction site has been the subject of safety concerns in the past. In August, officials ordered a partial shutdown of the site following safety violations and earlier last year inspectors investigated complaints that vibrations from the site were compromising the structural integrity of neighboring buildings. Those concerns were later dismissed.

The company behind the hotel has become noted for its prolific number of building projects throughout the city in recent years. Unions for construction and hotel workers, however, have criticized the company, accusing it of rushing construction projects in such a way that worker safety has been compromised. Construction at another of the company’s hotels was previously suspended because of safety violations.

Workers compensation

Construction workers often understand that there are inherent risks to working on construction sites, but many of those risks are exacerbated by managers and construction companies cutting important safety corners. When a worker is injured on the job, the suffering is not just physical but financial as well. Many workers are unable to return to work, resulting in financial hardship not just for the workers but their families as well.

Any worker who has been injured on the job will often need to file a claim for workers compensation, yet even if a claim is valid insurers will often try to find ways to avoid paying out. A personal injury attorney is an invaluable asset at such a time who can assist workers who have been injured and help those who need to file a workers compensation claim.