Coping With Disability: A Handbook for Healing Recovery

Published by The Klein Law Group, P.C.

You’ve had an accident, or become disabled. Your body is broken, fractured or over-stressed. Pain is your daily companion. Adding to this misery, you cannot work; the bills mount, and so do your feelings of pressure and shame. You feel you will never again be your old self, and your doctor may confirm this. However, you can cope. You can take charge of your illness, and your lawsuit or insurance claims — and your life. Here are some key strategies for coping when your disability seems to be overwhelming.

  1. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR DISABILITY. Talk to your doctors. Ask many questions about your condition and treatment. Do not be afraid or reluctant to discuss your condition with your doctors; understanding why you are ill, and how a treatment works, facilitates the healing process. Ultimately, you decide if your doctor is best for you, and whether you have faith in his recommended treatment.
  2. GATHER FAMILY AND FRIENDS AROUND YOU FOR SUPPORT. Studies have shown that overall health and functioning, particularly in times of great stress is much improved by sharing your fears and troubles with others who care about you.
  3. PRACTICE TECHNIQUES FOR ACHIEVING INNER PEACE. If religion gives you comfort, use those images and prayer to strengthen your belief that you deserve to be healthy and vital again.
    Keep a daily journal of the thoughts and feelings that come to you throughout the day, the good and the bad. Allow yourself complete freedom in what you write, but end each day’s entry with Four affirmations. These are positive things that:
    1. Someone did for you
    2. Happened to you
    3. You did for someone else, and
    4. You did for yourself.

    Practice deep, slow breathing, and meditate for a half-hour each morning. In this way you will get distance from your troubles, and see that they are nothing but temporary setbacks.

Finally, think on these words of Joseph Murphy:

Don’t let the word “incurable” frighten you. Realize you are dealing with the Creative Intelligence which made your body, and although some say healing is impossible, be assured that his infinite healing presence is instantly available.

Make use of this power and perform miracles in your life.