Construction Jobs in New York Facing Salary Cuts

Once again the workers of New York are under attack. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Center for Urban Real Estate at Columbia University has issued a report challenging the minimum salary set by law for construction workers on public projects. The prevailing wage law under attack requires that trade workers on public projects be paid the same wages that union workers receive.

New York is one of the most expensive states in the country to live and work and raise a family. Construction workers, painters and allied tradesman and women, recycling and general industrial laborers, healthcare workers, transit workers, and others-all contribute to the great economy of our state, and all face special health and safety hazards day in and day out. Our labor unions have done a tremendous job, against great odds, in fighting for a decent living wage for our working men and women.

Workers who build public projects face the same health and safety hazards as those who build private projects. They face the same rent at home, and food costs, and health costs. Their expert work in keeping New York a thriving, vital state should be rewarded with the fairest possible wage.

We support the opinion of the Fiscal Policy Institute, which has attached the Columbia study, and which argues forcefully in favor of prevailing-wage laws.

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