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Protect Injured Workers

Sus normas propuestas y directrices de discapacidad reducirían drásticamente las sumas de dinero de compensación para los trabajadores lesionados que perdieron para siempre alguno o todo el uso de sus extremidades. Las normas y directrices

Common dangers faced by all hospital employees

People go to hospitals for treatment and healing, yet these facilities can be quite hazardous for those who work there. New York doctors and nurses face a myriad of potential hazards and threats to their own health and safety, even while they provide care and treatment for others.

Your risk of repetitive stress injury in the workplace

You may assume that the only time you would be eligible for workers' compensation benefits would be if you suffered an injury in a workplace accident, but that is not the case. In reality, any New York worker who experiences repetitive stress injuries because of his or her job could also have a valid claim to these benefits.

Am I an employee or independent contractor?

You may be in pain and feeling financial strain over medical bills or even stress about returning to work after sustaining a work injury. However, the process can complicate further if your employer and their insurer claim you are not an employee when you thought you were.


Las empresas y sus grupos de presión pagados, abogados y políticos están librando una guerra contra beneficios de PÉRDIDA de los trabajadores (también conocido como el AJUSTE FINAL). Estos beneficios son para trabajadores que sufren daño permanente.

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