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Second Avenue Subway now open for business

Calling himself "cautiously optimistic" last December, Governor Andrew Cuomo pressed MTA workers and officials to make the January 1 deadline for the Second Avenue Subway. Public works aren't known for meeting deadlines or budgets, but the Q train was indeed up and running (the N runs at rush hour as well), serving an estimated 200,000 daily riders on the Upper East Side.

Are union jobs really safer? NYC encouraged to track accidents and find out

Thanks to a recovering economy and certain financial incentives, New York is experiencing a tremendous construction boom. Workers are busy and projects are profitable - but the news isn't all good.

Why is New York's Scaffold Law so important?

It seems that every year without fail, construction industry lobbyists and insurers tee up to rail against New York Labor Law 240, also called the Scaffold Law. But amidst calls for it to be repealed, this law has stood strong since 1885.


NYC Construction Employment Rose 4.5 Percent in 2014, While Wages Remained Flat


Arturo Gonzalez (for the sake of privacy, not his real name) will receive more than $3,500,000.00 in workers' compensation and personal injury benefits.  I wish that Arturo had never been injured, and that employers throughout New York made every effort to keep their workplaces safe, but at least Arturo will be compensated for his injuries and his suffering, as he learns to make a new life.

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