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Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness Archives


You may have been injured in an accident and unable to work, or you may have a disease or other medical condition--but to win Social Security Disability benefits you must prove to the Social Security Administration that you are unable to engage in "substantial activity," for at least twelve consecutive months.


Si está totalmente incapacitado por una condición médica grave - por una cirugía como la fusión espinal o otra cirugía, reemplazo de hombro o rodilla, diabetes o cáncer, o cualquier otra condición incapacitante grave - una de las partes más importantes de su caso es su "EOD," O su "established onset date" - la fecha que elige Seguro Social come el día que empezó su incapacidad.

Seguro Social de Incapacidad: Mirando hacia el 2017

Cada año, la Administración del Seguro Social hace cambios a los Beneficios de Incapacidad del Seguro Social (SSDI) y a las reglas que gobiernan cómo puede obtener esos beneficios. Por ejemplo, el umbral en 2017 fue aumentado para la actividad sustancial ganancia a $1,170.00 por mes. Con el fin de cobrar los beneficios de Seguro Social por Incapacidad (SSDI), no puede ser empleado y ganar más que el umbral de $1,170.00. El beneficio para usted como trabajador lesionado y discapacitado es que usted puede trabajar y seguir siendo elegible para beneficios.

Social Security Disability: Looking ahead to 2017

Every year the Social Security Administration makes changes to Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI) and to the rules that govern how you can get those benefits. For instance, the threshold in 2017 was raised for Substantial Gainful Activity to $1,170.00 per month. In order to collect Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI), you cannot be employed and earning more than the $1,170.00 threshold. The benefit to you as an injured and disabled worker is that you can work and still be eligible for benefits.


We represent a client who became totally disabled because of a mental, or cognitive, disorder. She asked us to handle her case for Social Security Disability benefits, because she feared that the Social Security Administration would reject her claim because she suffered only from the cognitive, or mental, disorder.

Super Lawyers Elects David Klein, Leslie Tilles and Darren Rumack

We are very proud to announce that David Klein, Founding Partner of The Klein Law Group, has been elected a Super Lawyer for 2014.  David Klein dedicates his practice to fighting for the rights of injured workers in workers' compensation cases for every type of injury, including construction and demolition injuries, faulty scaffolds and ladders, scaffold and ladder collapses, day laborers, demolition workers, health care workers, and anyone else injured or disabled on the job.

Heart disease is still the number one killer of Americans

February is American Heart Month, bringing to light the fact that the number one killer of Americans is still heart disease. This February marks the 50th anniversary of American Heart Month, which is why we think it is important for everyone to be aware of their risk for heart disease and what they can do if they already suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Psoriatic arthritis drug shows promise

A new prescription medication that is in the final phases of clinical trials has shown hope that people suffering from psoriatic arthritis may soon have a medication that could drastically reduce signs and symptoms of the debilitating disease.

Only woman with mystery 'Syndrome X' dies at age 20

A woman in another state recently died at the age of 20 years old. However, her situation was unique, and doctors could never understand why the woman never physically developed past the body of a toddler. After years, doctors called her condition "Syndrome X." They were never able to discover what caused the syndrome, and she is the only person to have ever been diagnosed with such a mysterious condition.

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