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March 2017 Archives

Common dangers faced by all hospital employees

People go to hospitals for treatment and healing, yet these facilities can be quite hazardous for those who work there. New York doctors and nurses face a myriad of potential hazards and threats to their own health and safety, even while they provide care and treatment for others.

Should federal contractors have to disclose safety violations when bidding for jobs?

Congress doesn't think so. What are the implications for workers?

Monday night, Congress voted along party lines to eliminate the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Rule, a federal rule created by the Obama administration. The regulation on the chopping block limits companies with recent safety violations to bid for federal contracts unless they agree to remedies. It was designed to protect workers from labor law violations by the contractors that employ them.

Your right to walk: protect yourself after a pedestrian accident

In New York, walking is a way of life. Walking is a major form of transportation for New Yorkers, and if you choose to travel by foot, you have the right to do so safely and without the fear of unnecessary risks. When pedestrians suffer injury in accidents involving hazards or other vehicles, they may not know where to turn for answers regarding their legal rights and options.


CHELSEASMALL.jpgNew York's small business men and women are hero-entrepreneurs who make a vital contribution to our economy. Before applying for corporate status, or other business status, people are given very little, if any, information about workers' compensation and workers' comp employer penalties for no-insurance.

A mental condition keeps me from working. What should I do?

Struggling with a mental condition or social disorder can impact various areas of your life, including your ability to do your job or secure employment in New York. If you are currently unable to work because of recent struggles involving a mental condition, or you are not able to get a job because of those issues, you may have a valid claim to certain types of Social Security disability benefits.

Your risk of repetitive stress injury in the workplace

You may assume that the only time you would be eligible for workers' compensation benefits would be if you suffered an injury in a workplace accident, but that is not the case. In reality, any New York worker who experiences repetitive stress injuries because of his or her job could also have a valid claim to these benefits.

The problem with "independent" medical exams

In New York, injured workers may choose their own treating physicians - in fact, employers can face criminal action if they interfere with this right. However, employers and insurance companies have an opportunity to undermine the doctor's opinion and damage the workers' claim for damages: the independent medical exam, or IME.

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