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June 2013 Archives

Fire at construction site injures 7 workers

There is no question that construction sites can be dangerous places to work. This is true regardless of the type of construction being done and the location of the project. While there are many construction sites located in the New York City area, construction accidents can occur anywhere there is such work being done.

No changes to New York scaffold law

Earlier this month we wrote a post about the two workers who were rescued from the Hearst Tower in New York, when the scaffold upon which they were standing collapsed. As the workers completed routine maintenance work, the men were left hanging by their safety lines, approximately 450 feet above the ground. The workers were eventually recovered after rescuers broke a window. Perhaps surprising to some, neither was hurt in the ordeal.

Construction accidents a common risk in New York

As the American population continues to expand, we face a need to constantly improve and extend our living areas. As a result, the construction industry thrives, in New York and across the nation. Whether constructing housing, roads or commercial structures, the sight of an ongoing construction project is familiar to all Americans. Unfortunately, construction accidents are also common, and can result in serious injury or even death to those who work within this vital industry.

Fall on ice results in $4M award for New York woman

Though summer has arrived in New York City, as all residents know, winter is only a few months away. While it can be lovely and some area residents enjoy the season, it brings with it certain dangers including cold and snow. When snow isn’t properly removed from sidewalks, parking lots and roads, the outcome can be disastrous.

Scaffolding collapses on Hearst Tower

Just yesterday, two workers were rescued from the top of the Hearst Tower after the scaffolding they were working on collapsed. In a terrifying scene, rescue workers worked quickly to save the two men trapped 44 stories above the ground. Thankfully, both men – Stephen Schmidt and Victor Carballo – escaped from the ordeal uninjured.

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