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What does teen fashion have to do with safe driving?

As an adult driver, you should be alarmed -- but not overly surprised -- to see a young motorist in front of you changing lanes and clothes at the same time.

Yes, you read that sentence correctly. A recent National Public Radio article discussing dangerous driving behaviors cites study findings indicating that about 27 percent of teen drivers "sometimes change clothes and shoes while driving."

Premises liability focus: New York landlord taken to court

Persons and companies that own and manage properties have a good-faith duty imposed on them to reasonably inspect and maintain those premises in good working order, so that guests, visitors and other persons entitled to be onsite are safe and not unreasonably subjected to injury.

That duty is firmly ensconced under both federal and state laws that address premises liability concerns and remedies.

New commercial truckers target of prospective training requirements

It's hardly surprising that the commercial trucking industry is a constant focus of scrutiny for state and federal regulators fixated on the public's safety.

Commercial trucks are big. In fact, they are roadway behemoths, affecting traffic around them in singular and notably dangerous ways. For obvious reasons, it takes an outsized tractor-trailer, 18-wheel rig or other large truck a comparatively long time to come to a stop following a driver's first warning of danger. Truckers' visibility -- that is, awareness of other vehicles in close proximity -- is often limited.

Workers' compensation: a prominent concern for injured nurses

Although the following tale centrally relates to one hospital, in a larger sense it is more meaningfully focused upon an entire industry and a vitally important worker subset within it.

That industry is health care, with the employee focus being on the workers that deal most intimately and routinely with patients on a daily basis, namely, nurses.

Motor vehicle manufacturers facing a lot of unwanted scrutiny

Recall after recall, congressional probes, widespread and unremittingly adverse media stories, litigation in state and federal courts -- all things considered, 2014 wasn't a particularly good year for automakers.

It certainly doesn't bode well for motor vehicle companies when a business and law professor in Michigan -- a state having a close and historic nexus with auto manufacturing activities -- says that, "People now come into the jury room really suspicious" of automakers in personal injury and product liability cases.


I was thrilled to read in the Daily News that car wash workers will finally benefit from the strength and solidarity offered by union membership.  We applaud these hard-working men and women for their courage in standing up to threats and pressure, and joining together to fight as one for decent working conditions. 

More than a century old: New York's Scaffold Safety Law

It is hardly surprising that New York is a state prominently pointed to as having a seminal and important law relating to workers' falls from heights.

Consider the urban environment of the late 19th century across the country, with cities from coast to coast consistently expanding.

Trucking groups opposed to FMCSA crash-indicator system

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a system for evaluating the safety of truck carrier groups and operators, and it has garnered less than ringing endorsements from voices within the industry.

In fact, observations noted by the FMCSA in a recent report related to its so-called Compliance, Safety, Accountability system have drawn a withering response from trucking organizations who state that the federal regulator is off base in its thinking and evaluative process.

Topic of continuing concern: air bag safety

Motor vehicle manufacturing has been prominently marked in recent years by successive, next-stage technological developments aimed at curbing passenger car and truck accidents and improving personal injury outcomes in crashes that do occur.

Of course, air bag enhancements are central to that goal, although many New Yorkers and millions of other Americans must be wondering these days just what the heck is going on with air bag glitches that are reportedly occurring in high numbers.

Impending storm: Will it come as advertised by forecasters?

Well, there’s really nothing else to talk about today in New York City or elsewhere in the state other than the weather for denizens who are gazing skyward and wondering what tomorrow is going to look like.

And, let’s face it, virtually everyone is looking skyward.

It would hard to avoid doing so for any of our readers within a radius of several hundred miles, given the constant -- and ever-loudening -- media crescendo accompanying the nearing storm that is being reported as “historic” by the National Weather Service.

Yes, New Yorkers are well accustomed to adverse weather, but what is being predicted is truly outsized and a virtual freak of nature.