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End-of-year retail surge brings more temporary workers, injuries

An annual happening across the United States at just about this time every year is the increased hiring of temporary and so-called “seasonal” workers. Those employees help employers in retail and manufacturing industries deal with increased production and sales-related demands that persist through the winter holiday season.

According to an article on end-of-year workplace hiring, this annual phenomenon is expected to be particularly robust this year, with hiring gains in the retail industry alone projected “to significantly outpace 2013.”

That would be truly impressive, given that more than 786,000 workers were reportedly hired by retail businesses during the October-December time frame last year.


We represent a client who became totally disabled because of a mental, or cognitive, disorder. She asked us to handle her case for Social Security Disability benefits, because she feared that the Social Security Administration would reject her claim because she suffered only from the cognitive, or mental, disorder.


Although you faithfully pay into the Social Security system year after year, if you become too disabled to work, you will often run into the injustice of the Social Security Administration or a Social Security Disability Law Judge rejecting your claim for social security disability benefits!


Anthony Ottomanelli (his real name has been changed to protect his privacy) worked in construction, demolition, and remodeling on Staten Island.  Although his employer made him work frequent overtime, he refused to pay Tony the legally required overtime rate of pay.


Our client John Chen (to protect his privacy, this is not his real name) worked as a deliveryman for a sushi restaurant in Manhattan. His employer made him work frequent overtime, but did not pay him the legal overtime wage rate. In addition, his employer paid him the tipped minimum wage rate, but neglected to keep good records of John's actual tips.

Curbing distracted driving: Are we getting any better at this?

If there is a single area in the United States where distracted driving denotes an uppercase concern, it must surely comprise the roadways in and around New York City.

New York drivers flatly know that to be true. Streets are crowded, traffic patterns can be complicated, pedestrians are seemingly everywhere and weather conditions can change on a dime. That combined variability and complexity render it imperative that drivers focus, well, on driving, and not on their Facebook status.

Or on their Twitter accounts or the shiny new features on their smartphones.

Super Lawyers Elects David Klein, Leslie Tilles and Darren Rumack

We are very proud to announce that David Klein, Founding Partner of The Klein Law Group, has been elected a Super Lawyer for 2014.  David Klein dedicates his practice to fighting for the rights of injured workers in workers' compensation cases for every type of injury, including construction and demolition injuries, faulty scaffolds and ladders, scaffold and ladder collapses, day laborers, demolition workers, health care workers, and anyone else injured or disabled on the job.

Lawsuit against VA alleges discrimination

Veterans struggle with a variety of physical and mental impairments upon returning from military service, and many of these impairments remain with them for the rest of their lives. Conditions like post traumatic stress disorder, in particular, affect a large percentage of veterans, and it is important for such vets to receive the support they need to manage their condition while readapting to civilian life.

It is rather frustrating that vets with PTSD stemming from military sexual assault can sometimes have a difficult time obtaining the benefits they need. In fact, two veterans groups recently filed a lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs, accusing the agency of discriminating against those vets who seeks benefits after having been sexually assaulted during service. 

Sesame Workshop launching autism initiative

Autism can pose many challenges to children who suffer from it. However, with proper help and support, children with autism can overcome many of these challenges. Thus, having resources for such help and support available for children with autism is very important.

Recently, Sesame Workshop, the organization responsible for the popular children's television show "Sesame Street," announced that it is starting an autism initiative called "See Amazing in All Children." One of the things the initiative will involve is the creation of digital resources for children with autism. The resources will be aimed at helping to teach kids with autism how to perform certain daily tasks and how to play with other children.

Are disabled kids being treated unfairly in school discipline?

Children with disabilities can have a variety of different special needs. For one, they can have special care needs. Such care needs can be quite expensive, which can pose challenges for families, particularly those that don't have much in the way of income or assets. The Supplemental Security Income program is one program a low-income family with a disabled child may be able to turn to for help in meeting such costs.

Another thing that disabled children sometimes have are special needs regarding education. One hopes that all schools here in the U.S. which have disabled children among their student body do everything they can to ensure that these needs are met for such students and that such students are treated in a fair way that ensures that their right to equal access to education is respected.