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Most common safety hazards on the job

Your job is part of who you are. It pays your bills, funds your children's health and welfare, and gives a sense of pride and achievement. It's a fundamental right that, while you're in the assigned location doing your assigned duties, you will be as safe as can be. This is the case in all injuries, whether you work on the docks, in construction, waiting tables or delivering newspapers.

Workplace injuries in America

Government safety agency OSHA has released an updated list of the ten most common citations that the organization finds in their inspections. Across the country, each year an estimated 3 million are injured on the job with over 4,500 killed in a workplace accident. Injuries caused by falls, machinery, electricity and vehicles lead the list.

Why is New York's Scaffold Law so important?

It seems that every year without fail, construction industry lobbyists and insurers tee up to rail against New York Labor Law 240, also called the Scaffold Law. But amidst calls for it to be repealed, this law has stood strong since 1885.

So what exactly does this law do? And why is it so important for our city's workforce? 

New traffic law could be a game-changer for NYC pedestrians

If you were to ask anyone whose primary mode of transportation is walking whether they felt safe while crossing the city streets, chances are good you'd be greeted with a resounding "no," a shake of the head or even a look of sheer incredulity.    

In case you have a hard time accepting that things are really that dangerous for pedestrians here in New York City, consider that over the course of the last several weeks at least seven pedestrians have lost their lives in accidents caused by reckless or otherwise inattentive motorists.

What's America's leading workplace injury?

The most common work injury in the country can have devastating effects - but it's probably not what you think.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hearing loss is the most common workplace injury in America. Every year, about 22 million employees are exposed to hazardous noise levels on the job.

Undocumented workers are eligible for workers' compensation

Speaking up is an American principal, that all people deserve dignity when facing injustice. Whether you are in the country legally or not shouldn't affect your right to compensation, especially if something goes wrong and you end up in the hospital or injured for life while doing a job for someone.

Workers' compensation rules vary from state to state, but in New York all workers are eligible for the program regardless of documentation. The law exists so employers won't take advantage of you.

Life after Disability: Can I return to school?

Disability: It was the only way to get the time you needed to adequately heal. You're grateful for the help, but now that you are feeling better, you wonder what is next. You've heard that going back to work can affect your benefits--and you're not sure you are even healthy enough to return more than part-time. Your injury left you unable to do your old job, and you need more training for a new one. But will Social Security end your benefits if you go back to school?

The Social Security Administration is dedicated to helping you get back to work. There are a number of programs available that can help you ease back into the workforce: From job-counseling to job-mentors, Social Security has tools available to help you get back to work.

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