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How to recognize and treat carpal tunnel syndrome

If you sit at a computer all day, you've probably heard of carpal tunnel syndrome. And the common syndrome doesn't just affect office workers - anyone who performs the same motions over and over with their hands may be at risk.

Luckily, carpal tunnel syndrome is usually relatively easy to treat if detected early enough. But it's also important to know there are other causes of hand and wrist pain that can be hard to distinguish from carpal tunnel syndrome, so you should consult a doctor to be sure.

Why do ladder accidents happen on construction sites?

Construction workers often find themselves using ladders for a number of reasons. While this is a great tool for making a variety of jobs easier to complete, it can also be a safety hazard at times.

There are many reasons why ladder accidents happen on construction sites. As a construction worker, it's important to know the steps you can take to remain safe.

Do you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits?

Are you unable to work as the result of a disability? Is this making it difficult for you to make ends meet? Is it having a negative impact on your family? If you find yourself in this position, you should learn more about Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

This program is operated by the Social Security Administration, providing people with disabilities the money they need to get by when they are unable to work as a means of supporting themselves.

Seguro Social de Incapacidad: Mirando hacia el 2017

Cada año, la Administración del Seguro Social hace cambios a los Beneficios de Incapacidad del Seguro Social (SSDI) y a las reglas que gobiernan cómo puede obtener esos beneficios. Por ejemplo, el umbral en 2017 fue aumentado para la actividad sustancial ganancia a $1,170.00 por mes. Con el fin de cobrar los beneficios de Seguro Social por Incapacidad (SSDI), no puede ser empleado y ganar más que el umbral de $1,170.00. El beneficio para usted como trabajador lesionado y discapacitado es que usted puede trabajar y seguir siendo elegible para beneficios.


El robo de salarios es una forma de intimidación financiera, donde los empleadores sin escrúpulos que se preocupan más por sus carteras que sus trabajadores doblan la ley hasta que se rompe. Lo terrible es que este tipo de conducta ilegal rompe las espaldas de los trabajadores de Nueva York y las mujeres que luchan para poner un techo sobre sus cabezas y comida en la mesa.

Poor lifting technique and back injury

Do you find yourself lifting heavy objects on the job every day of the week? Are you aware of the fact that this could lead to injury at some point?

When it comes to your lifting technique, it's important that you know how to remain safe at all times. There is no guarantee that the right technique will help you prevent injury, but it definitely can't hurt.

Second Avenue Subway now open for business

Calling himself "cautiously optimistic" last December, Governor Andrew Cuomo pressed MTA workers and officials to make the January 1 deadline for the Second Avenue Subway. Public works aren't known for meeting deadlines or budgets, but the Q train was indeed up and running (the N runs at rush hour as well), serving an estimated 200,000 daily riders on the Upper East Side.

Nearly 100 years in the making, the subway line with a final price tag of $4.4 billion was on the drawing board since the subway system's early days. The Second Avenue Elevated Line was even taken down in 1942 and 1955 in preparation for the proposed subway line. Work began in earnest in 1972-1975, but unfortunately the city's bankruptcy ended the tunneling.


Wage theft is a form of financial bullying, where unscrupulous employers who care more about their wallets than their workers bend the law, often until it breaks. The terrible thing is that this kind of illegal conduct breaks the backs of New York's working men and women who struggle to put a roof over their heads and food on the table.

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