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Darren Rumack, el encargado de nuestro Departamento de Salarios y Horas Mal Pagados, exitosamente resolvió el caso de dos ayudantes de cocina de un Comedor en el Bronx. Su jefe les paga en efectivo, y no le paga un salario legal, obligándolos a trabajar horas extras, horas extraordinarias, y niega pagarles sus salarios legales por horas extras.


Darren Rumack, who is in charge of our Wage & Hours Department, has successfully settled the cases of two kitchen assistants from a diner in the Bronx. Their boss paid them in cash, refusing to pay a legal wage, forcing them to work overtime, then refusing to pay them their legal overtime wages.  


Me siento orgulloso y agradecido de informar que ha logrado hacer un arreglo "global" de más de $1,500,000.00 para un trabajador de la construcción que sufrió lesiones en la espalda y el cuello, además de otras lesiones, cuando fue herido en el trabajo cuando cayó tabla roca arriba de él. Después de este accidente, que ocurrió en un trabajo de demolición, el trabajador fue referido a mí por su abogado familiar que respeta mi trabajo.


I am proud and grateful to report that I have succeeded in making a "Global" settlement of more than $1,500,000.00 for a construction worker who suffered injuries to his back and neck, as well as other injuries, when he was injured at work when sheetrock fell on him. After this accident at a demolition site, he was referred to me by his family attorney who respects my work.

U.S. doctors grossly underestimate cancer misdiagnosis rates

Annually, an estimated $700 billion is "wasted in the U.S. medical system...much of which is tied to misdiagnosis," or erroneous or unnecessary treatment linked to misdiagnosis. In many cases, a doctor's misdiagnosis or failure to diagnosis a medical condition or illness results in a patient and his or her family members incurring hundreds to thousands of dollars in medical costs. Additionally, a patient is likely to suffer mental injuries due to stress and, in some instances, serious physical harm and injuries that can result in permanent disability or even death.

The National Patient Safety Foundation estimates that U.S. patients suffer a 28 percent cancer misdiagnosis rate. This estimate is significantly higher than the zero to 10 percent that doctors estimated in a 2013 study conducted by Best Doctors, Inc. and the National Coalition of Health Care.

Why working construction is especially dangerous for young Hispanic immigrants

Work accidents and the painful and debilitating injuries that often result, don't discriminate and any worker regardless of profession, age or health can be adversely impacted. However, a recent report reveals that workers in certain industries, like construction, are more prone to suffering injuries and, specifically, young Hispanic construction workers are especially vulnerable.

The report, released by the American Society of Safety Engineers and the National institute for Occupational Safety and Health, shows that Hispanic immigrants age 25 and younger who work for small construction companies are more likely to suffer injury or death than "almost any other employee segment or industry in the U.S."

Taking legal action in the wake of a slip-and-fall accident

For people who live in, work in or visit New York City; the city's streets, businesses and public areas as full of potential slip, trip and fall hazards. Many people may be surprised to learn that, annually, more people in the U.S. visit hospital emergency rooms to treat injuries suffered in slip-and-fall accidents than from any other type of accident. For an estimated 17,000 people, injuries suffered as a result of a trip or slip and fall prove to be fatal.

A slip-and-fall accident can literally occur anywhere including restaurants, apartment buildings, retail stores, grocery stores, tourist attractions and office buildings. While some trips and slips may in fact be unfortunate accidents where no liability issues exist, others may stem from slippery surfaces, spilled substances, elevation changes and faulty stairs.

The high costs of a motor vehicle accident

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a scary and costly event. Not only may an individual suffer painful injuries, but he or she is also likely to incur expenses related to medical bills, lost wages and vehicle repair costs. These types of expenses can quickly add up and total into the tens of thousands of dollars.

In cases where another driver's actions caused or contributed to an accident, an individual may be able to recover compensation. New York City residents who have been injured in a traffic accident can turn to an attorney who handles personal injury cases to find answers to their legal questions.

Why work is a pain in the back for many U.S. workers

Lifting, carrying, pulling, bending and reaching are all activities in which many New York City workers engage on a daily basis. For workers who are employed in certain occupations, like construction and nursing, being able to successfully perform these types of physical movements is an essential part of their jobs.

For workers who suffer a back injury while performing job-related duties, even basic physical movements like sitting and standing can be excruciatingly painful and difficult. From muscle strains and tears to bulging and ruptured discs, injuries to the lower, mid and upper back can prevent an individual from not only returning to work; but also enjoying life.

How a doctor saying sorry could lead to litigation

When a person says they are sorry, it oftentimes means that they are trying to be empathetic toward the person with whom they are conversing. The phrase shows that the person cares and wants to console the other person or make them feel at least a little better. But the phrase "I'm sorry" has another interpretation and it's one that could leave doctors and medical professionals facing litigation down the road.

As you may have already guessed, the phrase "I'm sorry" can also be interpreted as an admission of guilt or wrong doing. When it comes from a medical professional, such as a doctor or a nurse, a patient or a patient's family may wonder if they are apologizing out of sympathy or because they did something wrong. If it's the latter of the two, then the patient and their family may see this as an indication of negligence.