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David Klein : I am proud to say that workers' compensation and social security disability law has been a part of my life almost from childhood. My father, Lawrence Klein, was a pioneer in the field of workers' compensation. I began my apprenticeship at the age of fifteen, working summers in my father's growing law practice. In the many years since, I have expanded and refined my knowledge of the law and of the Byzantine system that can sometimes obstruct the ends of justice for the injured worker and small businessman, unless it is negotiated by an aggressive and experienced practitioner.

I have given classes and workshops for many local unions and Teamsters, including asbestos workers, hazardous waste carters, drivers of baked goods and dairy products, EMS paramedics, butchers and meat-wrappers, the Municipal Police Benevolent Association, and the Mason Tenders Training Fund, SEIU 1199 and Locals 108 and 79, DC 9, Painters and Allied Trades. I have also taught for La Colmena-Staten Island, El Centro Del Inmigrante, The National Day Laborers Network, The Workers' Justice Project, the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, the New York City & Vicinity Carpenters Latino Association, the Chinese Community Center in Manhattan, the Flushing Workers Center and Chinese Staff & Workers Association, Obreros Unidos De Yonkers Y Caridades Catolicas, The Latin American Workers Project, Parents in Action and the Workers Education Resource Center acting in collaboration with the New York City Comptroller's Bureau of Labor Law, and the Mexican Consulate.

Articles and interviews appear in Labor Press, the State Bar News, the chiropractic journal New Directions, the China Press, SingTao Daily, and the Ming Pao Daily News, and Univision Channel 41.

I have been presented with Certificates of Appreciation from the Latino Laborers Culture Association Local 79, from Fundación Tapori Quito - Federación de Instituciones de Pichincha, and from The World Trade Center Medical Monitoring Program Clinical Center at Mount Sinai.

I have authored, with Julio Torres Quintanilla, English for Day Laborers and Construction Workers, a publication designed for ESL classes for Spanish-speaking working men and women, which I have provided free to many non-profits in New York and across the country, including the Nani Migrante Transnational Project, El Sol, the Underground Construction Company, the Center for Immigrant Education of Louisiana, and to English of North Georgia.

I am proud to have given key support to the development of the Jornalero Wage Theft App, that I fully expect will change for the better, the lives of many thousands of New York's working men and women.

I have been voted a Super Lawyer for 2014 and 2015.


Susan Klein : My father would often say that family is the most important thing in life. In addition, he taught me to regard all the people in my life as family: my friends, co-workers, employees, and in particular, my clients. And although he was a highly regarded figure in the world of workers' compensation, and maintained a thriving practice, he was always true to his word, never giving less than the best of his time and attention.

When I graduated law school and became an Assistant District Attorney assigned to Elizabeth Holzman's ground-breaking Sex Crimes Unit, I learned all too well how wise my father was, and how tragically the bonds of affection and responsibility can be torn apart. I vowed that I would take my fathers words ever more to heart. That is why I now maintain a boutique law firm, one that is sizable enough to meet the practical requirements of my clients (thorough research and preparation in the service of aggressive and imaginative advocacy), while staying small enough to meet my clients more personal needs (close attention and sympathetic counseling.)

My efforts on behalf of my workers' compensation and social security disability clients have resulted in several radio appearances, notably on the popular Bernard Meltzer and Bernadette Michaels radio shows, and have also led to my being profiled in the INTERNATIONAL TEAMSTER magazine.

I taught a seminar in Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, Wages & Hours, and Social Security Disability Law for Continuing Visions: Continuing Education For The Funeral Profession.

I am also very proud to have received a Distinguished Service Award, granted to me by the New York State Chiropractic Counsel.

Super Lawyer


Leslie G. Tilles : Of all the satisfactions practicing workers' compensation and social security disability laws, the greatest by far is when a client takes the trouble to give me a special thank-you. A birthday card, a home-made gift at Christmas-it might just be a small note of gratitude, but at those times I am reminded why, since 1991, I come to work each morning.

A graduate of Benjamin Cardozo Law School, I have presented at a conference for Ground Zero clean-up workers hosted by Mount Sinai Hospital. I am licensed in New York and New Jersey. Understanding the differences and similarities between New York and New Jersey's workers' compensation laws has been a fascinating aspect of my work, and a compelling subject for study.

A particular focus has been on litigating Ground Zero claims. The cases are long and complex, but my efforts have been rewarded time and again. I have also been working closely with the personal injury attorneys throughout the city who ask The Klein Group to help their clients who have not only personal injury cases, but also workers' compensation and social security disability claims. I think of these referral attorneys as my friends, and I enjoy coordinating strategy, maximizing Kelly value, and making happy clients who feel confident referring to my friends and fellow lawyers, their own family, friends, and, neighbors.

I have also taken great pleasure and had extraordinary success representing small business owners who have received excessive audits or excessive workers' compensation penalties. My most memorable success to date is having saved one small business more than $200,000.00 in penalties excessively and unjustly levied by the Workers' Compensation Board.

I was voted a Super Lawyer for 2014, am President of the New York Chapter of IBN/International Business Network, and I'm also a member of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce.

Super Lawyer


Darren P.B. Rumack : I taught a seminar in Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, Wages & Hours, and Social Security Disability Law for Continuing Visions: Continuing Education For The Funeral Profession. My paper, "Interplay of Workers' Compensation Cases and Third Party Lawsuits", was published in the New York Employee Advocate, Volume 17, No. 2, October 2014.

Darren Rumack fights for our clients' rights to a legal wage, to proper overtime pay, and to a workplace free from unlawful discrimination. Prior to joining The Klein Law Group, Darren was an associate at a New York law firm where he handled labor and employment law matters on behalf of employers in wage-and-hour, discrimination, and harassment cases. Now, with his insider's perspective, Darren can anticipate what the other side is thinking and planning, and can strategize an effective response.

Darren represents employees in single plaintiff, multi-plaintiff and collective action cases against employers in a wide range of industries, including bars and restaurants, factories and car washes.

Darren also provides effective representation for employers, defending companies in both single-plaintiff and collective action wage and hour lawsuits in federal court, and in wage and hour audits with the New York State Department of Labor. He is now a member of the NYC Bar Associations Restaurants and Hospitality Committee.


Xian Lei : I was born near Nanjing, China, in a steel industry town, so I know first-hand that the dreams and aspirations, frustrations and successes of the working man and woman are the same all over the world. After studying Economic Statistics at the Shanghai University of Finance & Economics I became intrigued by the American judicial system. After completing law school in China, I attained a Masters of Law at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

After law school, I worked for a Public Defender in Illinois, and for a Juvenile Defender in North Carolina. Finally I found my true home in New York, and my true calling in Workers' Compensation, Wage and Hour, and Social Security Disability Laws, fighting for benefits for injured and disabled workers, and fighting too for the right of all working men and women in New York to receive a fair and legal living wage and proper working conditions.

Steven Davis


Steven Davis : I concentrate on fighting for the rights of injured men and women with Workers' Compensation cases, and on Social Security Disability cases, as well. After establishing the law firm of Davis & Shatkin, I moved on to become Partner at the widely-known Jacoby & Meyers, where for twenty-five years I held numerous high-level management and litigation positions in both the Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury departments-as the Negotiation Attorney in the New York Personal Injury Unit, I negotiated many millions of dollars for our clients.